Four-Way Test Award

Honoring Community Volunteers

The State College Sunrise Rotary Club established the annual Four-Way Test Award Ceremony in 2013 to first responders and health volunteers who have shown exceptional dedication to service in our community. Each honoree and their respective organizations receive a personalized plaque inscribed with the Rotary logo and the Four-Way Test.

Meet our 2021 Award-winners: (left to right) Lam Hood (committee chair), Svend Pedersen (Centre LifeLink EMS), Ellen Houser (Mt. Nittany Health), Terry Stephens (Boalsburg Fire Co.), Dianne Barben (Centre Volunteers in Medicine), Joshua Kollat (Alpha Fire Co.), and Larry Walker (committee chair). 

Svend Pedersen Centre LifeLink EMS

Centre LifeLink EMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality emergency and non-emergency medical care and transport services. They are one of only seven ambulance services in PA which has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services. 

Svend Pedersen has always been devoted to helping others. He is a retired US navy veteran, previously serving as Executive Officer of the Naval Air Station Keflavik, and Executive Officer of Penn State’s Naval ROTC unit. Svend is Centre Lifelink’s awardee this year for his EMS commitment, having volunteered 1,825 hours in the past 10 months. He also currently serves as Alpha Fire Company’s Vice President, and one of their Health and Safety Officers. 

Ellen Houser Mount Nittany Health

Centre Volunteers in Medicine is a free medical and dental clinic. They aim to provide quality health care to those who do not have access to medical assistance or health care benefits. 

Ellen began volunteering with CVIM in 2007. She has received training from the American Lung Association and facilitated Freedom from Smoking groups at CVIM. She has assisted in medication distribution, training, onboarding, determining eligibility for services, as well as various other special projects in the organization. She also volunteers with PAWS by developing educational programs and assisting at spay/neuter clinics. 

Terry Stephens Boalsburg Fire Company

The Boalsburg Fire Company is an all-volunteer organization with seven units, two engines, one heavy rescue, one tanker, one brush truck, and one fire police unit. 

Terry has spent 50 years serving as an emergency firefighter. He is fondly known in the community as a leader who goes to great lengths to support people in the emergencies he encounters. He follows up and talks to them afterwards to see what they need, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Dianne Barben Centre Volunteers in Medicine

Mount Nittany Health is the parent company of Mt Nittany Physician Group, Mt Nittany Health Foundation, Mt Nittany Health Children’s Advocacy Center, and Mt Nittany Medical Center (Centre county’s most used hospital). In addition to providing high quality care, they are also devoted to providing education programs, events, and health screenings to the community. 

Retiring as the Director of Women & Children’s Services, Dianne had been with Mt Nittany Medical Center since 2004. She was to retire earlier but stayed on to oversee renovation of the women and children’s unit, including labor and delivery. She also served in the US Air Force for 24 years, retiring as Lieutenant Colonel.

Joshua Kollat Alpha Fire Company

The Alpha Fire Company is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing professional fire, rescue, and emergency support services in central PA. The area that they protect includes more than 98 square miles. In 2020, volunteers of the organization accrued 12,515 hours of service in total. 

Joshua is most known for his achievements with engineering, but today he is being recognized for his service with the Alpha Fire co. He began volunteering with them in June 2019, and he has volunteered over 450 standby hours so far in 2021. Since then, he has taken on the role of Chair of Tech Committee, and he is also an avid recruiter for the organization.

2021 Four-Way Test Award Winners

From left to right: Svend Pedersen (Centre LifeLink EMS), Ellen Houser (Mt. Nittany Health), Terry Stephens (Boalsburg Fire Co.), Dianne Barben (Centre Volunteers in Medicine), and Joshua Kollat (Alpha Fire Co.).

Past Winners






Anand Swaminathan, Centre Life Link

Greg Alters, Boalsburg Fire Co.

Alexa Tiemann, Alpha Fire Co.






Denny Johnson, Boalsburg Fire Co.

Rob Nese, Alpha Fire Co.

Ian Arevalo, Centre LifeLink EMS


Ted Gabriel, Alpha Fire Co.

Raymon Masters, Centre LifeLink EMS

Marlin Neff, Boalsburg Fire Co.


Donald Madden, Alpha Fire Co.

Joe Davidson, Boalsburg Fire Co.

Anand Swaminathan, Centre LifeLink EMS


Charles Robinson, Alpha Fire Co.

Glenn Dry, Boalsburg Fire Co.

Janet Zerbe, Centre LifeLink EMS





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